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Translation prices
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There is a duty on Sundays and on other holidays too. See also extra services

1 reversed standard page of 1250 characters, every run-on page will be regarded as a half or full page. Character count is based on the target language and the word count indicated by the word processors Word for Windows 6.0 and 7.0 (accompanying information, characters, spaces, paragraphs). For 1250 characters pursuant to Word for Windows 6.0 and 7.0 statistics, Express Translation Agency uses the term „page”

The basic rates include the printing of one copy and copy to floppy disk. On request, the material to be translated will be collected and the translated material will be delivered. Sensitive materials (with pecuniary or legal impact) are suggested to be ordered with linguistic checking.

TranslationFrom a foreign language into HungarianFrom Hungarian into a foreign languageFrom a foreign language into a foreign languageDocuments
Basic languages
Other languages
The four basic languages (English, German, Frech, Russian)13,00 € (0,09 €/character)14,00 € (0,11 €/character)14,70 € (0,15 €/character)19,00 €
(0,16 €/character)
18,00 €/piece
East-European languages (Czech, Rumanian, Croatian, Ukrainian)21,00 €22,70 €22,00 €/piece
West-European languages (Italian, Spanish etc.)26,00 €28,00 €28,00 €/piece
Scandinavian languages (svéd, finn stb.)28,00 €29,00 €28,00 €/piece
Greek and Turkish29,00 €30,00 €In case of more-page translation the basic translation prise is valid.
Special languages (Arabian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)35,00 €37,00 €

Premiums and other accessory works

In case of special texts(technical, legal, medical, artistic, etc)30% surcharge
The rate of PROFESSIONAL or LINGUISTIC CHECKING amounts to 50 % of the translation fee50% surcharge
Transcription from audio recording18,00 €/page (0,01 €/character)
Transcription from video recording18,00 €/page (0,01 €/character)
Typographical prepare works (editing of a document, scanning, etc.)4,00 €/page